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The commitment to ditch fossil fuels must start in earnest and head-on. Electrifying the school bus fleet is low-hanging fruit in achieving decarbonization by 2045. This is literally and figuratively where the rubber hits the road.  The technology is available and will only improve with large commitments of purchases, which can be done by the State of Maine. Indeed the commitment to decarbonize by 2045 makes the business-as-usual purchase of fossil fuel buses no longer an option. Yes, the purchase price of these buses are about twice to three times that of fossil fuel buses, but, importantly maintenance costs are 1/9 that of fossil fuel buses, and this ends up realizing long-term savings.  Yes, it it saves money to make the switch to electric.  My own efforts to electrify the local South Portland School bus fleet have been warmly received, but not warmly enough (yet) to make it happen. The budget cycle is under way and resistance to electrification of the fleet